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Ports for ssh, scp, rsync 2022-01-07 Development, Sysad
Automate Wordpress setups via WP-CLI 2021-02-16 Wordpress, Shell, Automatization, CheatsheetSysad

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What Lurks Beneath the View? Content-to-frontend strategies. 2019-03-13 Talk, Frontend, Domains, Workflow
Automate Your Backups! 2019-01-11 Talk, Sysad, Automatization, Security
Code Less – Care Less! With Atomic CSS 2017-10-11 Talk, Frontend, Workflow
Getting Over Frameworks 2016-11-09 Talk, Frontend, Frameworks
Scaling responsive spritemaps for CSS icons 2015-10-13 Talk, Frontend, Workflow
Footnote rendering in Markdown 2015-07-30 Markdown, HTML

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